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Passion Within Coaching provides customized life coaching for women who are struggling with work/life balance and finding the right amount of quality time to focus on their kids, themselves, squeeze in time with their partner and completely tune into work and business.

With life coaching, we’ll journey together using proven methods and strategies to rediscover yourself, remove the overwhelm and stress, and learn to incorporate your self-care time. It truly is possible to regenerate yourself, improve your patience and spend guilt free time with those you love.

About Cheryl McDonald

Let me know if you can relate. You’re busy, constantly on the go with work, getting things done and looking after everyone. It’s a balance of ensuring the kids are looked after, appointments booked, housework done, meals cooked and shuttling kids between lessons, activities and work.

After a long day at home or in the office, dinner has either been picked up or if you had time and energy you’ve been able to make it at home. This seems like the constant routine, day after day. You feel it’s like groundhog day over and over, but still manage to make it work.

You’re finally done with the day, kids tucked into bed (well, mostly!), now it’s your time for you (or your side business), which likely means you’re exhausted and ready for bed. You’re wondering: where the day’s gone; your mind will not shut off and is continually running through your list of ‘to-do’s’ and, wondering if maybe tomorrow you’ll be able to get some time in just for you and cross some items off your list.

This was me for many many years. I’m Cheryl McDonald, a certified life and group coach, a bit of a tech geek, and founder of thepassionwithin.com. Using my 18+ years of user experience, research and psychology teachings, I help people just like you to reclaim your busy life, rediscover where ‘you’ went and achieve the goals that are on your to-do list.


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My journey and experience

After so many years in the tech industry, married and with two kids, I often found myself saying ‘Where did I go?’ and ‘Who am I?’. I knew that I was a great mom (though I believe we all have doubts some days), I also knew that I had a passion and love for my work and that I was a pretty good wife as well.

Days were so hectic and I spent my time giving to others and everything else in my life, at the expense of myself, family and my relationship. After chatting with other parents, my family and mentors, I realized that this was an all too common pattern that so many of us fall into.

Well, it took a few years for me to understand how this process can work, and things have changed. Today, I’ve removed the guilt of time I spend working that could be with the kids. Instead, I’ve learned to organize and embrace the time I do have with them and we plan together what we all want to. I take the self-care time for me knowing that when I do, I can give so much more to those people and things I want to do in life, including growing a business.

As an empowerment coach, I work with you to look at the areas in your life that you want to change, learn some tips and tricks, and support you to chart and navigate this path of changes. If you’re interested in finding out how this simple process that I’ve used to reclaim myself and to envision the life you want, schedule your free consultation session with me.

Next steps – together we’ll

  • Learn and become clear what is working (and not) in your life
  • Work together to find at least one thing you can commit to looking at and changing in your life
  • Use strategies, tools and methods to craft your new journey of joy, self-discovery and reclaiming you!

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