Let me know if you can relate. You’re busy, constantly on the go with work, getting things done and looking after everyone. It’s a balance of ensuring the kids are looked after, appointments booked, housework done, meals cooked and shuttling kids between lessons, activities and work.

Photo of Cheryl McDonald - Founder and Coach at The Passion Within

After a long day at home or in the office, dinner has either been picked up or if you had time and energy you’ve been able to make it at home. This seems like the constant routine, day after day. You feel it’s like groundhog day over and over, but still manage to make it work.

You’re finally done with the day, kids tucked into bed (well, mostly!), now it’s your time for you (or your side business), which likely means you’re exhausted and ready for bed. You’re wondering: where the day’s gone; your mind will not shut off and is continually running through your list of ‘to-do’s’ and, wondering if maybe tomorrow you’ll be able to get some time in just for you and cross some items off your list.

My journey and experience

After so many years in the tech industry, married and with two kids, I often found myself saying ‘Where did I go?’ and ‘Who am I?’. I knew that I was a great mom (though I believe we all have doubts some days), I also knew that I had a passion and love for my work and that I was a pretty good wife as well.

Days were so hectic and I spent my time giving to others and everything else in my life, at the expense of myself, family and my relationship. After chatting with other parents, my family and mentors, I realized that this was an all too common pattern that so many of us fall into.

Currently, I’m learning to:

  • remove the guilt
  • organize and embrace the time I have with my family
  • take the self-care time for me