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Needs vs Wants

Needs vs Wants
Before you can get to where you want, often you’ll need to make time in your calendar to get there. Not only is the time important but finding the energy to also make it happen.
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Swimming lessons begin

Diving board and pool | Passion Within Life Coaching with Cheryl McDonald
We're back at the pool for another series of swimming lessons. We've been debating for a while if we should put the kids back into lessons. Seems like it's been over a year since they were in the pool on a regular basis.
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Are you ready to feel less overwhelmed, more accomplished and have time for you?

Meet Cheryl McDonald

Life & Business Coach based in Calgary, Alberta

Think of me as your guide. I support people just like you to reclaim your busy life, optimize your business and in the process rediscover where 'you' went. We work together to help find the amazing person inside; the joys of who you are; and the things you love (and want) to do. All while still keeping the balance, support and self-care for yourself and family.

As a Life and Business Coach, I work with you to: look at the areas in your life that you want to change; learn tools and strategies to meet these goals; and support you to chart and navigate your path of changes.

I'm located in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and work with my clients virtually through Zoom (web video conferencing).

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