My word for this year is FEARLESS.

Just like many people, I typically create a new years resolution for myself, that is super ambitious, sometimes realistic in the long term, and it’s always a goal I truly want to achieve. This being said, for many years, these goals are not fully realized and actioned. A genuine effort is put towards getting there, but I’ve put myself in the way and prevented myself (typically subconsciously) from fully achieving them.

Have you ever been in this situation? Where there’s something you want to achieve, but you always seem to miss the mark? You believe your heart is truly into it, but it never seems to pan out? This is often where fear and your limiting beliefs come in.

We are all afraid at times. It’s naturally part of our ‘fight or flight’ system. It’s when fear starts getting in the way of our dreams, and effecting our day to day life, that it’s time to look at the beast.

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It’s a learned behaviour. Something that you’ve picked up throughout the years and develops through various situations, people and/or actions. Often limiting beliefs are tied into other areas of your life that you are lacking in (confidence, esteem etc).

For example, “I’m never going to lose this weight as it’s too difficult to get to the gym and work out”.

This is a limiting belief that you’ve put into place. Perhaps you feel it’s too hard (which, yes – it is VERY hard to lose weight sometimes), perhaps it’s anxiety that’s holding you back, perhaps a fear of meeting other people etc. and the list goes on and on.

I’m not raising these for judgement of yourself. However, to provide you with a realistic look into the other aspects of your current perception of yourself and reality.

Sadly, we all have limiting beliefs that hold us back from many areas of our lives. For myself, finally understanding what I needed to get a hold of weight loss and nutrition was key for me. And it wasn’t just one thing, but a cascade of many beliefs and fears that build upon themselves.

When we finally pull back the layers and take a holistic, and honest, look at ourselves, you’d be surprised at the number of items that contribute to our fears and self-imposed limits.

photo of pink flowers - needs vs wants - passion within coaching


Often fear stops many people from even starting. I hear from many people that they want to accomplish various goals, but the overwhelm and fear prevents them from taking action.

Our mind takes over and though many women I know, keep thinking about what they want to do, they then start associating guilt to it (as they are not actioning it), and the vicious cycle continues.

photo of pink flowers - needs vs wants - passion within coaching


It takes work, time and support. But know, it can be overcome and you can realize the dreams and goals you have in life. A couple of tips I have for you to get started:

Start small

I saw a quote from the gym the other day, which was truly inspiring to help with my limiting fears. “Bring your shoes and water, and we’ll take care of the rest”. Breaking down the task into these simple steps removes the roadblocks to getting to a workout. If all I need to do is start with shoes and a water bottle, I can stay out of my mind and just put in the best effort I can!

Have support & ask for help

Let’s be honest. Change is not easy. Having support does not always mean from a professional, you can receive support from many places – a friend, partner, spouse, parent etc. Asking for support is not always easy, it ties into our vulnerability and presents a side of our self that we need to admit we need help with.

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Fear and limiting beliefs
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Fear and limiting beliefs
Fear and limiting beliefs. Have you ever been in this situation? Where there’s something you want to achieve, but you always seem to miss the mark?
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