(the cookies above are not the REAL girl guide cookies – though perhaps if we wrapped them up like this package we’d sell a few more!)

A bit of a rant. I have been a girl guide leader now for about 5 years (and in guiding for about 13). For those that are leaders in such an organization (Girl Guides or Scouts), the adventures we have are great with the kids …. the cookie selling? Sigh.


As a child, I remember the days of going door to door selling cookies. I think they were about $1.75 – $2.25 in those days. I clearly remember travelling door to door with very few houses turning us away. It was an accepted thing to do in those days, along with the hockey almonds and treats.


There is nothing like the rejection seen on the face of a 5-12-year-olds when after going from house to house they continually receive a no. I get it, people have a choice in what they purchase for their families and especially how they choose to spend their money in a limited economic time.

I am looking forward to the day when we can offer consumers perhaps a healthier option as a fundraising endeavour; an alternative to purchasing; and/or an economical option for fundraising that does not cause these kids dejection in the spring and fall each year.


I am so gracious for the store locations that host us. I can imagine they must get a few complaints from customers about kids always selling products at their stores. Though, without these generous companies, we would not be able to get through and sell the amount we need for fundraising and activities.


Cookie selling is an integral part of the girl guide tradition. This being said, I am eager for the organization to adopt online payments (square etc.) l perhaps a change in flavours; or even better a healthier option to either replace or go alongside the selling process.