This past weekend, myself and 2 other women spent the weekend with 17 girls at a guiding sleepover here in town. Call us crazy or generous with our time, I’m not quite sure.


Sometimes, I ask myself why I’m constantly doing this volunteer work.

Then within those quiet moments, I get a glimpse of the discoveries and learning these girls are absorbed in and then it comes back to me and I realize why.

It’s a beautiful site to see each girl blossoming into their own beautiful soul in their own time, and through their own learning style.


Often I wonder where life will take these girls. This group of dynamic personalities, some stronger than others with their outward personalities, and others with the strength hidden a bit beneath the surface.

I feel honoured to be part of their journey in creating these friendships with others, for whom I am sure they would not normally befriend in school. It’s a bit of a melting pot with ideas, strengths, laughter and often craziness that comes out when they all get together.


As my kids are getting older, there are fewer times now when the full on belly laugh of a child is often heard. It appears from time to time, but this is the laugh of innocence, joy and purity at it’s core.

Honestly, we had a rough Saturday. The kids were crazy, loud and overwhelming to each other and sometimes us leaders. We had spent the day with some amazing learning sessions, then out for about an hours walk to downtown and venturing through downtown on a scavenger hunt. Ending the afternoon we bussed it back to the centre for the night.

In the evening we put on a movie for the girls – Home Alone 2. The leaders were sitting outside the main room, and letting the girls (and honestly us) all have a breather and be in our own space. Suddenly, you could hear the roar of these genuine belly laughs coming through from so many of the girls. These beautiful harmonies of belly laughs helped to bring this joy and perspective back into why we do this.

These are the moments, that I take away and cherish as a gift given to participate with this group of strong, loving, fun and dynamic group of girls. ❤️