We’re back at the pool for another series of swimming lessons.

We’ve been debating for a while if we should put the kids back into lessons. Seems like it’s been over a year since they were in the pool on a regular basis. Occasionally we will go swimming with them, and whenever we travel, we try to find a pool to hang out in.


Happy to see the changes in the kids over the past year. In terms of their skills, not much of a difference, however many of the issues/challenges they had in previous lessons have either disappeared or have been greatly minimized.

The last round of lessons, the kids struggled with so many distractions in the pool, wanting to just chill with their friends (talking etc.) and well, I guess swim a bit ? Last night, the kids were focused on actually swimming, a bit of talking (which is good for the socialization) but it did not appear to cause any issues.

I loved watching my son with his new found confidence in the pool. Last time around he was so hesitant to be away from the edge, but now it appears he’s good to go swimming in the middle of the lanes, and a bit further in from the edge while he is treading water.

Amazing progress with my daughter as well. Seeking to try new strokes and pushing on to finish up the length of the pool rather than giving up and walking the last third. ? Also, her listening skills and attention on the instructor was great to see!


While the kids were in the pool, an adult lesson started about 1/2 way through. I LOVE watching these lessons and observing these courageous adults venturing into the pool. Some of the adults venturing in, had very little experience walking/being in a pool and were just starting to learn how to float.

I find it fascinating and heart warming to see how many of these adults first get into the pool, bodies tense and a tad bit of a worried look on the face. After a few moments, with some coaching and confidence, slowly letting their bodies float into the water the new found freedom and joy resonated. Faces lightened up with happiness and confidence now beaming. Often letting themselves feel into trying the next task from their instructor.