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Over the summer, I was introduced to Sushi.

For those that know me well, I do not eat anything that swims or comes from the ocean. I’m not sure where this stems from (something to still work on), however as a child one of my passions was learning about marine biology and wanting to actually be a biologist. However, realizing that I would actually need to swim in shark infested waters quickly shut this idea down.

Anyways, back to the sushi. So, in the summer time, we visited a local restaurant and I had the most AMAZING food with tempura and teriyaki chicken. Sadly, I’ve recently found out that this restaurant has since closed.

Bringing it back to Sushi on Bloor. A few weeks ago, I was visiting Toronto, and we went out for lunch to Sushi on Bloor. OMG – what an amazing foodie experience. Sadly I think I was too excited to take any pictures though from it.

The restaurant is relatively small, but turnover was pretty quick and we didn’t need to wait long to get in. Walking past the tables, filled with interesting colors and delights, I was curious if I was going to enjoy this experience as much as in the summer.

Quickly it was decided to try the teriyaki lunch and the box that was brought out was amazing in design and flavour. Between the over generous amount of rice and tempura, slices of fruit was nestled into the box to enjoy the sweet flavours of the meal.

This is a must now on my list when I head back to the city! Highly, highly recommended if you have the opportunity to visit the place!